Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Greetings from the beach!

It's kind of gloomy and thundery this afternoon and both of my kids are sleeping, so this seems like a good time to pop in and give an update on how the whole vacation thing is going. I am really happy to say I've had absolutely zero ostomy related issues. I put on a new appliance Friday afternoon and, when I changed it out yesterday, it was still perfect....absolutely no compromise of the seal or sign of impending leakage. This was after a day and a half of car travel, two sweaty beach runs, a day on the beach and in the pool, lots, lots, lots of junk food and a moderate amount of adult beverages. Hooray! Sure Seals are definitely the ticket. They've worked a charm and I feel so confident--even while sleeping. I'm really glad I got them. :-)

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