Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I finally went and got a massage last night. Prior to surgery, I pretty much got one a month so I was missing it badly. I had to wait for things to heal up enough to lay on my stomach so they could do a good back massage. During my last pregnancy I got massages where they used this big pillow so you could lay on your sides while they rub your back and shoulders and it just wasn't the same at all! Sunday my neck and shoulders were so stiff that I couldn't turn my head to the left without a good bit of pain. I did a little test run by laying down on my stomach on my bed and having my husband rub my lower back. No problems, so I decided to make the call and get an appointment.

While I was waiting for the therapist I kept debating whether or not I needed to tell her about the ostomy. I was a little worried Pedro would make some crazy noises while I was in there and I didn't want her to be alarmed. I finally decided that odds were good nothing would happen so I wasn't going to bring it up unless I had to. Everything was fine. The massage was excellent, Pedro stayed quiet, and laying on my stomach was no issue at all. I couldn't feel the appliance at all, even when she rubbed my lower back and pressed me into the table a bit. Hooray, one more first experience out of the way with a positive outcome!

Speaking of experiences with a positive outcome: I want to talk for a minute about intimacy. It comes up in the support forums from time to time and it's definitely on the top five list of the things us ostomy folk worry about. Without going into too much detail (I have some friends and family who read this and really *don't* want to know!), I can say it doesn't have to be something to worry about. I use the maternity style belly bands pretty much 24/7 to cover my pouch, help support it and keep it flat against me, and I just keep it on for those private times. It's a personal choice, but I feel more comfortable this way without having to worry about seeing the appliance or having it be in the way of anything. Since I'm all healed up, there really isn't anything to be concerned about and things are fairly normal aside from the random oddball noise from Pedro. So my advice is to do what makes you comfortable as far as deciding whether or not to use some sort of cover, communicate with your partner, and try to keep your sense of humor. Everything will be fine, promise.

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  1. Wow! This post is very relevant for me. I am going for my first post-surgery massage tomorrow. My back has been really tight lately, and I decided I should finally go in for a massage even though I had some of the same worries that you did. Glad to hear that it went well. Still not sure if I am going to say anything about my ostomy. I will make the decision when I get there.