Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Not Much Going On

I got the home health nurse set up and a nurse came yesterday to do my intake and establish care. It was basically signing 500 pieces of paperwork. I didn't need anything from them yet, so there wasn't much else for her to do. Another nurse is going to come tomorrow to help with changing the pouch. I'm a little bit nervous about this as it will be the first time doing it at home. So far the two changes in the hospital have gone pretty smoothly though, so hopefully this one will be no different. I am curious to see how I do when I go it on my own, but I really can't do it yet. The staples from my incision freak me out too bad. I can barely look at them, let alone mess around too much in the area for the changing. It makes me feel light headed looking at the staples. Thank goodness they come out on Tuesday. Then I'll have steri-strips which don't look as Frankenstein-esque. Then I'm willing to start doing my own changes. Call me a baby if you want to, but that's where I'm at.

Looks like I can order my supplies from Edgepark. I placed the first order yesterday and he said I should have it by the end of the week. It will take a little longer than normal because they have to verify my prescription, etc. The guy I talked to was really nice and made ordering super easy! I'm so glad because I still find the supplies kind of confusing and was overwhelmed at the idea of having to figure it out on my own. No need to worry....the ET nurses at the hospital figure out what I needed and gave me the contacts to get those items to my house. Easy peasy.

My output has really improved. The volumes and consistency are more in the normal range which is a huge relief. I'm able to eat a little more and am becoming more confident in my new system's ability to process the food. The only issue I'm having at the moment is weight loss. I lost 15 pounds during my week in the hospital. I got on the scale again today and am down another 5 pounds. Now, I have it to lose so this isn't an urgent situation by any means. It is too much too fast though and I'd like to see it slow down a bit. All I can do is keep eating and keep track of where I'm at. Hopefully things will moderate a bit in the coming week. Otherwise I'm going to be at that goal weight I want pretty quickly! I kid...I realize this is NOT the way to do it at all. I feel like I lost a lot of muscle in my legs already. That bums me out.

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