Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tiny update....

We changed the dressing on the drain insertion site last night and zero drainage this time. I'm feeling good about that! I have noticed it is less painful than it was initially. I believe these are all good signs. Still no fevers or nausea, so I'm a happy girl.

I have a tiny bit more energy today than previous days. I actually made my own breakfast and dinner and was able to work on a crochet project for a bit. Huge improvements! Also managed a pouch change today, too which was completely wearing me out before. I feel like I'm turning the corner. I can only hope things continue in this positive direction once they take the drain out. The little bulb is barely collecting anything, so I'm not too worried about the abscess cropping back up when they take it out. I will be vigilant though! First sign of fevers, etc and I will be on the phone. Not going to get run down like that again.

Right now I'm just hoping to have the energy and stamina to enjoy Thanksgiving with my family. That will be a victory. :-)

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