Sunday, October 30, 2011


Having a rough evening.

**if you aren't one of my broken gut people, you might want to skip this entry. There is about to be plenty of straight talk about poop. You've been warned!**

For the last day and a half ago, I've felt like I needed to pass "something" from my butt. Knowing that it's normal to have mucous discharge following surgery, I wasn't too alarmed about this feeling. I did feel weird about bearing down at all to get it out, because I wasn't sure if I would somehow mess up what the good doc has built in there for me. Finally, this morning, things reached a point where no effort was really needed and the "stuff" came out. At first I felt better, but now off and on I've been having urges to go again. When I try to very carefully bear down, I get a pain in my low left abdomen. There isn't any urgency with these urges, but it is kind of uncomfortable to keep feeling like you have to poop and then you can't get anything out. I've passed a decent amount of liquidy stuff a couple of times, but the feeling remains. What's worse is my low guts feel all gurgley and gross, too. I'm uncertain as to whether or not this is just mucous and old surgical blood collecting and needing passed or if a bit of output is sneaking past the ileostomy and working it's way down there. Could easily be either or both.

I am also extremely tired which is self inflicted....too much walking around stores and stuff the last couple of days. I feel cold and kind of achey, so I took my temp and it is 99.9. I will have to watch this and make sure it doesn't get much higher. Who the he'll knows what could be going on in there. I have horrible visions of a pelvic abscess or something, but hopefully that is just my imagination getting carried away.

I've definitely felt better though, I can tell you that much. :-(

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  1. Oh, I'm so sorry you're having a rough time. :( I certainly hope that this is all normal and to be expected after a surgery such as yours- and that tomorrow is better.

    (I'm mrsfrk from Runango- I can't believe what you have been through with your UC, you are amazing and so strong!!!!)