Thursday, April 28, 2011

Well That Didn't Work So Well....

Last pouch change I tried the thing with the barrier ring and only put half of one on around the bottom half of my stoma. It was an experiment to try to deal with some issues from the position of the opening of my stoma. Well, I think it's safe to say that didn't work out so well and I won't be doing things that way again. I had plans to shower and change the pouch this morning. Well, last night I popped into the bathroom for one last empty before bed, and found a small amount of brown "stuff" seeping out in one tiny spot around the edge of the flange tape. Ack, my first ever leak! It was around the top where I'd skipped the barrier ring, too. Sigh! Bedtime was going to have to wait as this could not be left until morning. I wasn't really in the mood to do the whole showering thing, so I did the change standing in front of the mirror at my bathroom sink. It was a little tricky as the stoma was functioning some, but not too bad. The skin around the top of my stoma was really red and irritated, so that leakage had been accumulating for a little while. I treated with stoma powder and went back to a full barrier ring for this go round. I will change again in three days and hopefully the barrier ring holds up that long. I have a follow up appointment at Cleveland Clinic on the 9th of May which includes a meeting with the stoma nurses. Unless my skin starts to look worse, I think I can muddle through until then. It may end up that the changed position of the stoma means we need to switch appliances. I'll just have to see what they say. I am really glad this happened after my incision wound was well closed and healed because some of the leak was in that area and I would have been freaking out about potentially contaminating the wound and getting an infection. Also, I'm good enough at changing now that it wasn't a huge ordeal to have to change out right before bed. I think I was done in a little over fifteen minutes. I've come a long way!


  1. You are such a trouper! The trail was flooded this morning, and we went around...I know if you had been there, you would have wanted to swim on through! I sang the hill song in your honor...can't wait until you're singing along with me!

  2. Hi! I came across one of your posts on and found your blog. I had step 1 of the j-pouch with Dr. Lavery as well. My surgery will have been two weeks ago tomorrow! It was helpful to read through your blog and follow your progress and see what I might expect, being about a month behind you. I am walking down my long driveway a few times a day, and am up and very mobile. At what point were you back on the treadmill, it looks like before 2 weeks!? I better get moving, haha! My hospital stay was fairly short and without complications (Tues-surgery, home on Saturday!) and haven't had any pain pills since last night, trying to stop them and only take if definitely in pain.

  3. Thanks, Ann! I can't wait to get back out there!

    Welcome, LeeAnne! Dr. Lavery is amazing, isn't he? As far as activity goes, do what you can without wearing yourself out too much. I was back on the treadmill (walking only!) pretty quickly but keep in mind that I ran a half marathon three days before my surgery, too. I'm glad things are moving along smoothly for you! Keep me posted with how you are doing and definitely let me know if you have questions. :-)

  4. I was in somewhat decent shape prior to surgery, moderate cardio (elliptical) 4-5 times a week for 30 minutes. So trying the treadmill now, slowly for 10-15 minutes would be okay in your opinion? And yes, Dr. Lavery was great! Let me know how your follow up goes, you'll see him for the first time since you were discharged soon here, right?

    Your steri-strips after the staples came out, how long until they fell off, its been like two days for me and they said not to get them wet. What a pain showering has become, with these AND the whole system as well. Do you have a mucous fistula, and has it healed/closed up at all?

  5. Treadmill: I would go slow, make sure someone is with you the first time, and definitely wear the emergency stop clip-on thing.

    My follow up is on the 9th and it will be the first time I've seen him since escaping the hospital.

    Most of my steri-strips fell in the second week after I got them. A few were more persistent and hung around for almost a whole additional week. I was allowed to get mine wet, they just said not to let the shower beat down on them.