Tuesday, May 25, 2010

SCD, Day Two

Greetings! It's a great day here so far today. Woke up starving but had a couple of quick phone calls to make before I could make breakfast, so I munched on a banana while I took care of that. I'll also need to mention that I had a right before bed snack last night (seem to need that with this pregnancy). I had some cold grilled chicken with a dab of SCD mayo to dip it in and a couple small chunks of colby.

Breakfast: Today's breakfast looks a lot like yesterday's. I'm pretty much an egg eater anyway, so SCD breakfasts are perfect for me. Today I have the leftover egg whites from the mayo recipeplus on egg (I can't stand just egg whites--blech!), onions, mushrooms, one crumbled piece of bacon, a scattering of my black beans, and colby cheese. Drinking weak black coffee, my diluted orange juice, and some water. I'll be taking my 4 Lialda, 4 Prednisone, and prenatal vitamin. No Metformin this morning as we have to leave the house right after breakfast for the kiddo's swimming lesson and I don't want to get low blood sugary while we're out.

Snack: I'm planning to walk on the treadmill while my little guy is swimming, so I'm taking a snack with me for right after because I'm sure to need something. I'll be taking along a to-go mug of my coffee, my water bottle, a Lara Bar, and an apple. Great portable choices that should keep me alive until we get home.

Survived swim lessons. I walked on the treadmill which actually helped a lot with the Prednisone shakes as that was kicking in around the same time. We stopped at Whole Foods on the way home and I finally found the vanilla I was looking for. I wasn't sure mine is actually SCD legal, so I wanted a new one. I also picked up some local smoked cheddar and more flavors of Lara Bars.

Lunch (pictured above): Big salad of salad mix, cucumbers, tomatoes, avocado, the smoked cheddar, boiled egg, a little grilled chicken, and a dressing I mixed up of olive oil, lemon oil, mustard, salt and pepper. Served with a side of fruit (watermelon, cantaloupe, and cherries) and water. Good stuff!

I had a bunch of great stuff written out about dinner, but Blogger decided to eat it and I'm not in the mood to retype. I guess I need to draft these in Word and then come paste in here because I had the same problem yesterday. The main point I want to carry over here is that our food does not have to be boring. We can come up with many new and delicious ways to combine our SCD legal foods into things that even our non-SCD friends and family will sit and watch us eat with envy! Don't be afraid to try new things. Think about the foods you used to love and then start thinking about ways to substitute and change the ingredients to make them work for your new way of eating. You can do it!

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